Swivel tv mount

Опубликовано: 01.02.2018

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Motorised Swivel TV Mount Future Automation PSE90 From AV Installs

A sovietart.net, like this LCD wall bracket, provides many exclusive features to all users that other models simply cannot offer! The counterbalance bracket and arm have an all-black finish which complements any environment well! This plasma panel support, swivel TV mount that secures into a wall stud can be situated in close proximity to a corner in order to provide distant viewing to customers and guests within a retail store! When positioned higher up, the arm can be adjusted and the bracket can tilt to angle downward in order to angle the monitor accordingly! This flat screen wall configuration, swivel TV mount that can tilt is also integrated into residential settings for personal use! Conveniently, this plasma panel holster ships fully assembled and is ready to be installed directly out of the box! Although this is a swivel TV mount that holds a 70" flat panel screen, the minimum size monitor that can be mounted is a 37", weighing less than 99 lbs! As electronic companies continue to evolve, lighter displays are beginning to transpire now more than ever! This range of monitor sizes is considerable and realistic for most LCD screens available on the market today!

This plasma holder, swivel TV mount for corner use secures flat against a wall and once installed properly, the arm manually adjusts effortlessly! Home owners appreciate this bracket as well and find creative places within homes to showcase a larger LCD plasma! When situated flush against a partition, this strong, low-profile swivel TV mount that has a movable arm measures 2" off the wall and can extend to 17-1/2"! The above features incorporated into system altogether combine to create an affordable, cost-effective arrangement for virtually any type of user!

Tono Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Swivel Installation